A household name in Pakistan, Rehmat-e-Shereen is the largest premier confectioner and retailer based in Karachi. Their delectable product range spans from classic sweets to traditional desi desserts.


One of Bengal's favourite recipes, Chamcham is packed with tempting textures and flavours. The sponge on the outside is light and delicious with an airy texture that's pure heaven. Bite through to the moist interior and different textures give you even more flavours to savour. A sweet syrup dip provides the final flourish for this homely, comforting and totally tempting dessert.


Rehmat-e-Shereen Chamcham are available ready-to-eat. No further preparation or cooking is needed. So why not have one of the greatest sweets of Bengal for yourself. Alpha Delicacies proudly brings eastern food and delicacies like Rehmat-e-Shereen to US ethnic markets of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Illinois. Now available at your nearest store.

This and other Rehmat-E-Shereen products are also sold at Alpha Dessert Juice Cafe on Hillcroft Road in Houston, TX