We're a rapidly growing distribution
& marketing company, quickly becoming one of
the most trusted names in American ethnic food markets. Our mission is to rise above the old ways
of doing business and change the culture of
the ethnic food industry in America.

Modest Beginning to Trailblazer


Alpha Delicacies has experienced multifold growth since we opened our doors in 2018. From our small launch in Houston, Texas, we’ve already established warehouses in three critical states across the USA.

We began operation in 2018 in a small storage facility, working with local food manufacturers to bring two ethnic brands into Houston and Dallas. Though small, we were determined to be the best distributor for our manufacturers and retailers.

We established three core values to guide us – product availability, visibility, and in-person sales. These tenets ensure that our products achieve soaring success, and it earns us valuable feedback. One of our greatest strengths as a company is that we listen and learn.

By creating a marketing infrastructure specific to manufacturers and their products, we experienced such rapid growth that by the end of 2018 we expanded into a larger warehouse with the frozen food storage capacity. Currently, we serve over 350 ethnic retailers across twelve states. Because of the valuable feedback from our clients and our passion for what we do, we are preparing our infrastructure to develop markets in five additional states by the end of 2021.

Brands we Serve

Alpha Foods is our company’s chic mainstream introduction of Pakistani/Indian foods into the American markets. Our traditional products delight customers young and old with sleek, international appeal.
Mehran Spice & Food Industries started its journey in 1975 and within a few years, grew to become one of the leading spice & food industries across the globe.
Offering a wide array of premium ethnic food products, Pride Foods is a family-owned company that understands the importance of nutrition, convenience, and taste.
Mezan Tea is manufactured for the purpose of bringing families together to enjoy a warm cup of tea, the same warmth that radiates from a family’s love.
A household name in Pakistan, Rehmat-e-Shereen is the largest premier confectioner and retailer based in Karachi.
Famous around the world, Ashrafi Food’s Classic Wheat flour is made from the choicest wheat grains. The grains are carefully cleaned allowing them to retain their natural taste, color, and aroma.
AliTea from the house of Alicafe is Malaysia’s #1 brand in the coffee and tea segment, manufactured in by Power Root, who is a leader in nutritional beverages.
The always green Ice-cream soda, PAKOLA is Pakistan’s most prominent brand of carbonated beverage and the only carbonated beverage to be exported out of Pakistan.
  1. 2018

    Humble Beginnings

    Alpha Delicacies began operations in a small storage facility

  2. Mid of 2018

    Maiden Client

    Debuts with the launch of Pride Foods' frozen brands in Houston, starting with 16 local retailers.

  3. End of 2018

    The Texas Expansion

    Our distribution was expanded to Dallas, San Antonio and Austin in the last quarter of 2018 and added Rehmat-e-Shereen products in the portfolio

  4. 2019

    The Year of Rapid Growth

    Expanded to Louisiana, Oklahoma & Arkansas

  5. Mid 2019

    Foundations for Greater Plans

    Expanded from 92 to 150 stores in six months. Created infrastructure in Florida and Georgia.

  6. 2020

    The 1st Quarter

    Started operations with 2 distribution trucks and 14 spirited team members in Florida & Georgia

  7. 2020

    The 3rd Quarter

    Expanded to Midwest states by setting up operations in Chicago

  8. 2021 & Beyond

    Goals for progressive years to come

    Further establishing the infrastructure to develop markets in 5 more states by the summer of 2021.


Proudly serving 350 ethnic retailers across 12 states

Based in Houston, Texas
with warehouses in 3 crucial states in USA